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Short Video Interview By Tracy

Thanks Tracey for conducting this short interview with me and what Flower Design School offers!

Tracey is one of my treasured floristry students and personal tuition clients. I’ve been helping her take her Floristry to the next level and also helping her with some floristry competition work.

Her entry looks amazing! Here’s her video on youtube.

Here’s the video interview she did with me!


Thanks Tracey!

5 Fun Facts About Being A Florist

Here are a few fun and serious facts about our Industry, that you may or may not know as yet about being a Florist.

1. Say “Good-bye” to pretty hands…

Our little hands are busy all day: we get them dirty, pricked, wet and chafed and possibly cut….

They will have to “work for you” constantly, all day, every day.

We clean sticky Gum foliage, then de-thorn prickly roses, sink our hands into water to fish out the Oasis bricks, cut and shape them, and so on.

So say goodbye to pretty hands…

There are a hand full of florist out there (excuse the pun) who might actually be able to flaunt some long acrylic nails and make it work, but trust me, the majority of us has to sooner or later give in to the practicality of having short cut nails and don’t even bother putting nail polish on, as it will last perhaps half a day before it looks like a dog’s breakfast…

And we ask ourselves: Why did we even bother? 😉

My advice is to find a good hand cream!!

I love the Clarins one!! But also anything Shea butter based is bliss on my hands. I always go to bed with a thick layer of moisturiser on my poor hands, to give them a break from a hard day’s work.

2. The “Word of Mouth- Phenomenon”

FloristWord spreads like a bush-fire in this Industry.

If you want a job, are looking for a casual position, would like to buy or sell a business or anything to do with anything… and you want the word to spread… just tell a few wholesalers, or florist and you will soon have all of Perth knowing about it.

So on one hand this might be really useful and can get you offers or a new job, but also… be a bit careful about what you let other’s know 😉

3. Dirty is the new clean… Black is the best colour EVER!

Soil, dirt, pollen, thorns, glue and even spider webs! Prepare to get dirty and wet!

We are in a Hands-on profession, and we have already established that we get our hands wet and dirty, but there is also the beauty of wearing black or anything darker instead of beige or crème or mint 😉

We get dirty, we wipe our hands on our aprons, and we wash our working clothes daily (if you don’t have an apron).

We don’t have much time to sit down at all… we stand a lot, we need good shoes, ideally stand on rubber mats, to prevent our joints from hurting after a whole day of standing and walking as a florist.

4. “Playing with the flowers….”

daydreamingWe don’t have much time to ‘play’ with the flowers as some people imagine.

It’s not all about the romance and the ‘having all the time in the world to create…’

Floristry is not a profession for day dreamers!

It’s a busy job, arrangements have to be done in a productive and efficient manner and only rarely do we have the luxury to really ponder over our creations and take our time with the creative process.

We still enjoy what we do, immensely, but we have to be able to work under pressure, time being a big thing here.

We must be resilient to stress factors, like pressures to fulfil the order requirements.

The skill is not just in the practical sense but to have a skilled mind, that doesn’t fluster.

It’s not always about what YOU want to do, but what the customer wants, and it is a bit

like a compromise sometimes.

Only once you have established a good sense of your own style and have portrait it to the clients you have, can you get to the stage, where YOUR style is what the customer wants.

Then you realise you’ve made it

5. Passion is Vital

Ladies passionate about flowers

If you don’t love what you do, don’t think you will learn how to later…

“Love what you do and do what you love.”

The passion and love I have for the materials and products in our Florist industry as a whole, is something that keeps me going, every day!

I love the season changes and the material variety, unusual colours in ordinary flowers.

The scent of our roses, lilac or even Lily-of the Valleys….

All those wonderful beautiful things we are so fortunate to be working with….

It doesn’t get much better that this!!

Keep the passion in your heart- nurture it, it will be the key to your success.

As you are full of passion and professionalism, you have high stakes and a will to strive forward!

YIris Greenou will get there, because you know what?

Your enthusiasm is contagious.

People want to be part of it, they want a piece of the cake

They need to have your flower composition, because they will take that passion and love with them, when they do take the flowers home!

That’s success.

That’s the magic of this beautiful industry.

There’s so many smiles you will see, and you are the reason for them!

Until next time beautiful my Blossoms!

Blossoms & Blessings

Iris Pich sig



P.S Have you checked out our upcoming courses yet?

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5 Things you may not know about being a Florist

Ever wondered what it really takes to become a Florist? I get messages on a daily basis from wonderful blossoms who unfortunately have an incorrect view of what it takes to be successful in the floristry industry.

Here’s my top 5 Things you may not know about being a Florist

1. You need more than 8 weeks to become a competent Florist

It takes more than just a couple of classes to be competent and confident in this field.

Lots of times I hear questions like” So, after I have completed this 8 week course, will I be able to have my own floristry business? “

Sorry blossoms, the short answer to this is: ‘No’

The longer answer is : Please acknowledge that Floristry is a profession and should be treated as such!

Professionalism comes from knowing not just one or a few different facets of the field, but ideally all of them!

One can’t call themselves a florist, just like that. Just like you would call anyone a doctor after a few weeks.

There is time involved, dedication and hard work to get there. And don’t forget passion!

Learning a new profession takes time, just like learning any new skill.

Floristry is no different and everyone who has started thinking there can’t be that much to it putting a few flowers together will be or has been proven wrong soon after they started their training.

2. There is a lifetime of learning in Floristry

table flower


There is so much to learn in our wonderful profession, that it takes a good year of part-time studies to maybe getting closer to the goal of being your own boss…

Possibly longer.

In Germany where I did my traineeship, traineeships are 3 full years long for this profession. When you consider that, it then seems crazy to think, we would know it all after a few months!! Right?

If you are a beginner the best starting point at FDS is the Floristry Foundations course which will introduce you to the fundamentals in theory as well as the practical application. This course also is delivered as an intensive.

3. Master the basics of Floristry first

You have to get the basics right first, it is like the foundation of the house: If it isn’t right, everything that comes after it, won’t work that well.

Thats why we go in-depth in our Floristry Foundations course.

The smallest move that is taught the correct way can assist you to be time-efficient in your job or business and will help you take care of your body in the long run!

We can’t take short-cuts when it comes to learning a new skill.

You wouldn’t demand a short cut on a sprouting flower, so be patient on yourself.

It would be like thinking, that you can be a painting artist, but you don’t even know about the different techniques, brushes, preparation of the canvas, mediums, mixing colour etc.

We can’t just “wing it” and just do random things… we will never have a professional product in the end, and it will not represent the rest of the Industry in the right way!

4. Learn the fundamentals of design.

A skFlorist bouquetilled practitioner with excellent design, in any profession shines through.

The more skilful you are the easier you will make it seem for others but the beauty of your work will be enough to captivate your customers.

But to get there, it takes time, work experience, good tuition, guidance, patience and determination, but also Passion!

5. Floristry is a business.

Being in the Floristry Industry, doesn’t only require you to be a good florist in the practical sense, but also a huge part of it is the business component.

The Marketing strategies, the financials, the stock control, the Human Resources, Staff Management, Payrolls, Tax, Bookkeeping etc.

It’s the whole package, that makes you a true floristry professional.

If you’ve already got some experience in Floristry or would like to become a professional then you will want to check out our 24 week Industry Ready course.


In Summary my blossoms

It takes more than 8 weeks to become a true professional.

In fact there is a lifetime of wonderful learning to be had. You need to first master the basics of design and the fundamentals of floristry.

And realise that this is a business and you need to master this as well to truly flourish as a florist!

Floristry Newsletter, Courses and Workshops – Autumn Edition

Hello fellow Flower-Friends,

It’s getting cooler, the trees are changing colour and the rain is offering nature wonderful relief.

Autumn is such a beautiful time of the year where we can reflect and go inwards with ourselves.

11117206_1423706261268092_1150542972_nI for one, love to plant and sow in my back-yard and get rather excited about the prospect of harvesting herbs and vegetables and seeing my tulips and hyacinths bloom in a few month’s time.

It would be so easy and convenient to just retreat and lay back and let the cold weather ‘take over’ and let me get all convenient about staying at home all snuggled up, but you know what?

I feel so much better about myself and my life, if I won’t let the temperature out there keep me from my mission, my vision of what I would like to achieve!

So we could get all lazy, but we also could take this time of the year to charge up for the coming months, like the seeds in the ground, doing some work, without us seeing it really.

Nurturing ourselves, in my humble opinion, is also learning and devoting some time to ourselves and our own growth.

With this little bit of wisdom, I will show you, what Flower Design School has on offer for the coming months:

Upcoming Floristry Classes and Workshops

I am kicking off with a new workshop idea, where we focus on natural elements only to create things of beauty, to decorate home interior and outdoor spaces.

Crafting with Nature WorkshopI called it the “Crafting with Nature” – Workshop and the next one is planned for:

Sunday, 29th of May, 2-5pm All materials and afternoon tea provided.

We will be creating some lovely things, with twine, creepers and other botanicals.

Be surprised at how just a few techniques can change the way you will look at creepers and sticks in the future – Let your imagination run free!

With a price tag of $69.00 with nothing to bring along, but a whole lot to walk away with, this is pretty cool.

Book your spot at our Crafting with Nature Workshop here.

Floristry Foundations Special Offer

Floristry Foundations Course

Floristry Foundations starts on Wednesday 25th May 6-9pm

Also for those of you, who are possible still sitting on the fence of whether to get into some training or not.

Now is your time to get started!

This special starter’s offer is not to be repeated:

With every full enrolment of the Floristry Fundamentals 6-week course, you will be able to get a toolkit for only $90.00!! (valued over $120.00)

This offer is only available for enrolments for the upcoming course starting on:

Wednesday, 25th of May 6-9pm

Reserve your place at Floristry Foundations (and receive your special discount) here.

Final Special Floristry Class

Another Class, some of you may be interested in, will be a Creative Construction Workshop, coming up on the Sunday, 5th June 2-5 pm.

Creative Constructions Workshop

This is a creative and a little more advanced approach to construction with soft/bendable materials.

We are incorporating, weaving, interwoven and overlapping techniques to create dynamic, free-standing designs to be incorporated into flower arrangements of left as a stand alone pieces of art.

This is taking your skills and knowledge to the next level

How could this not be fun!?

We will work with lapping canes and soft branches, leaves and twines/wires to create something along the lines of a ‘Gregor Lersch’ structure.

Click here to book your seat the Creative Constructions Workshop

There might be something here, you are interested in, and I would be happy, if this is the case, but please feel free to let me know, what other workshops or one-off classes you would like to see us offer.

Just send an email to me and I will take it into consideration

Until we meet again!

Blossoms & Blessings


Iris Pich sig



Principal of Flower Design School

Call: 0422 581 540

Contact Us

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Fun with Flowers Workshop – 17th January 2016

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 3.34.49 pm

Join us this Sunday for a Floristry workshop which promises to be inspiring, fun and creative.

Start your floral journey in this beginners level workshop that encourages laughter and a hands on approach to learning.

Learn the principles and elements of design, and create inspiring floristry pieces to showcase to your friends and family.

All materials, tools, foliage and flowers are included.

Date: 17th January 2016
Time: 2.00pm – 4.30pm
(Maximum 7 Participants)

$129.00 inclusive of materials

To register your spot go to

Flower Design School Is Moving (November Edition)


Dear Floristry Friends

Wow! Where has the year gone? Time flies when you’re having fun with flowers!

Last week we had the last floristry class and workshop of 2015. Champagne was poured and heart-felt congrats were in order.

In fact, we at Flower Design School are so very proud of every single student who has passed through our doors this year.

Your passion, curiosity and worth ethic is what continues to inspire us to be the best Floristry school in Western Australia.

So from the bottom of our hearts – THANK YOU for helping us make 2015 a wonderful and rewarding year for Flower Design School.

Now, we’ve got some exciting changes in store for 2016…

Firstly, we are moving out of our Inglewood premises to a more custom, long term location in Balcatta.

Our new address is: Unit 15/ 7 Abrams St Balcatta

Secondly, we are putting our finishing touches and planning for 2016. We are starting afresh and classes will resume from the 18th January 2016.

With all new workshops, beginner and bridal classes being planned there will be something for everyone!

Please check our website and Facebook page early December for enrolment and dates.

In a weeks time we will be travelling to Germany to visit family and research new ideas and trends of the European floristry market. But the school and its students will never be far from our minds.

Once again we’d like to thank you for allowing us to help grow your passion in 2015 and from our family to yours we wish you a safe and festive holiday season!

Kindest Regards,

Iris Pich – Principal of FDS

M: 042 258 1540

P.S Are you a shop owner? Would like to take on a work-experience florist to be? Please contact us! We would love to hear from you!

P.P.S Did you know that Flowers Design School offers Private Tuition and workplace consultations?

So if you wish to brush up on any particular design style or aren’t too sure if floristry might be for you… why not try some private tutoring or consultation to expand your floristry skills under my guidance.

P.P.P.S Last but not least, a BIG thank you to all my new facebook friends out there! Check out our page so you can see what our wonderful students are producing as well as keeping an eye out for the courses and workshops ahead. Please feel free to like our FB page here.

Christmas in July Workshop

Christmas in July Workshop


Dear fellow flower lovers,

We are running a wonderful and inspiring Christmas Workshop on Saturday, 25th of July

Time frame 2.30- 5.00

All materials, some nibbles and a nice glass of bubbles included.

Take home a wonderful table decoration with charm and elegance.




This represents great value and will surely be a wonderful way to spend a cold afternoon with like minded people, creating under my guidance 🙂


Make your own Flower Crown !

Silk Head Circlet Workshop next week ladies !!

Let me show you how simple and stunning a flower crown can be 🙂

head crown autumn



2.30 PM UNTIL 5.00 PM – COST: $ 75.00 per person

Bring a friend and get your tickets for $ 50.00 each



 Accessories and wires and tapes are available at FDS at a minimal cost


Contact us for more info


head crown silk flowers blue IMG_2608

FUN WITH FLOWERS-Workshops are coming !!!

Hello dear Flower Friends,


The dates for the next FUN WITH FLOWERS Workshop are here!

Saturday, 16th May  2.30- 5.30 pm

Saturday, 20th June  2.30- 5.30 pm


This 3 hour  fun, creative and inspiring workshop is for anyone who would like to take a closer look at the world of floristry.

It  covers a range of skills, funky ideas and floristry techniques that will start you off on your journey to allow you to effectively apply style and elegance to your home floral arrangements.


This workshop is also a great idea as a gift for a friend of family member 🙂

Scheduled once a month, on Saturday afternoons

All materials and tools are provided by us, so you only have to bring yourself and enjoy creating.


To save your spot(s) please contact us here



Flowers Design School Announces New Principal!

As we welcome in 2015 we wish all our students, past and present a safe and Happy New year.

Iris Pich New Princpal of Flowers Design SchoolI am pleased to announce that Flowers Design School welcomes a new Principal, Iris Pich who is known to you all as the German Master Florist, Iris Pleyer, recruited by Flowers Design School founder, Eva-Maria Herb-Godwin back in 2001.

This year Iris will be offering Elementary starter courses, Industry Ready, a variety of innovative workshops including Bridal, Corporate, Fun with Flowers, Advanced European Design, together with corporate team building and private tuition.

I am sure you will all join with me in welcoming Iris who will be carrying on the established traditions of high quality training delivered with passion and commitment, providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere where each student is treated with respect, fairness, honesty and loyalty.

Over its 20 year history, Flowers Design School has become more than just a school, we are a ‘family’.

Cheryl Banton