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About Flower Design School

Welcome To Flower Design School!

Flower Design School has a rich and pivotal history within Perth, WA.

Our well respected 20 year history in the floral industry has seen the school produce many, many competition winners who in turn have gone on to be fine florists throughout Australia. Our students are part of a tradition and we regard all of our students as ‘family.’

Flowers Design School was established in 1994 under the guidance of Ms Eva-Maria Herb Godwin, a German Master Florist. With humble beginnings in Kensington Western Australia, the school soon built a reputation within the floristry industry as a quality training and assessment resource, graduating students of the highest calibre.

Moving to larger premises in early 2000, Flower Design School moved to the City West , and recently, in 2016 moved to Greenwood. The facilities are purposely fitted to accommodate floristry students undertaking both practical and theory training classes.

As part of the school's mission, Flower Design School strives to source local and global floristry techniques to ensure that first class training is delivered through the various programs offered.

Flower Design School changed ownership in October 2009 and again in 2013 but the services, company mission and some of the team still remain the same.

Flowers Design School no longer offers accredited Certificate programs although training is still delivered as per the floristry training package.

We offer an Industry Ready pathway for those wishing to work in the florist industry.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me or message us directly on 0422 581 540

Blossoms & Blessings,

About Flower design School

 Flower Design School is a private floristry training provider in Perth. Classes are student-focussed, and each student receives one-on-one attention throughout the process. Courses and workshops are available for everyone from beginners to experienced florists looking to hone their craft.

European Master Florist and Principal at Flower Design School Iris Pich was instilled with an early love for the beauty of nature growing up around flowers in her father's nursery. ‘I grew up making little flower bouquets and helping stripping and bunching all sorts of wonderful flowers, ready for the wholesale markets.’

After finishing school, her dad encouraged her to take up floristry and Iris has never looked back.

She loves the hands-on nature of the work and the freedom from being stuck behind a desk all day, relishing the chance to show off her creativity with the new plants and flowers that come with each passing season.

Surrounded by the subtle aroma of fresh florals, the appeal of changing careers to become a florist may be clear for some. Iris advises hopeful florists not to underestimate the amount of knowledge and skill that is required to truly be an expert florist.

As she says, ‘It is a trade profession after all and it does need to be explored and learnt properly.’ Iris recommends getting as much training as possible from someone who is experienced in the industry to ensure that you have all the tools you need to get started.

Take your time to understand the flowers and other materials you will be working with so that you can appreciate how they all work together.



62 Sherington Road

Greenwood WA 6024